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Offshore Accidents Blog post

Introduction: Offshore accidents are a sobering reality of maritime operations. Whether it's an oil rig explosion, a maritime collision ...

Offshore Accidents

Divorce Blog post


Divorce laws vary by country and/or by state, but there are some common legal issues and considerations that apply .....

Motorcycle Accident Blog post

Motorcycle Accidents

The Anatomy of a Motorcycle Crash (*). A motorcycle crash is a complex event involving the interaction of human ....

Personal Injury Blog Post

Personal Injury

Personal injury refers to harm or damage suffered by an individual's body, mind, or emotions, as opposed to ...


Online Legal Services Reviews

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Independent organization which works with lawyers in the United States to provide legal document creation services to the public. It´s mandate is to allow people to create common legal documents in a very easy, convenient, private, secure and cost-effective manner, without the need to pay the high expenses of a lawyer. The website allows members to document their Last Will and Testament, Living Will and Power of Attorney. 
Better Business Bureau rating A+ (PartingWishes Inc)


Rocket Lawyer is an online legal technology company that makes the law simpler and more affordable for businesses, families and individuals. Rocket Lawyer has helped over 20 million businesses, families and individuals make legal documents, get attorney advice, and confidently protect their futures.
Legal information and other services are delivered by or through Rocket Lawyer via 
Better Business Bureau rating A+


LegalZoom provides access to independent attorneys and self-service tools. provides an online legal portal to give visitors a general understanding of the law and to provide an automated software solution to individuals who choose to prepare their own legal documents. The Site includes general information on commonly encountered legal issues. 
Better Business Bureau rating A+


The JustAnswer Platform is an online venue for informational and educational purposes and connects Customers with Experts, available 24/7 from any mobile device or computer. You’ll find verified experts in different fields, namely Law, Tax Accountants, Doctors, Electronic and Computer Techs, and more.

Better Business Bureau rating A+



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